A Planet In The Fog (UE4 Blueprint/C++)

Student project — Work in progress — 2020

ROLE — Gameplay programmer (3C)
TEAM — 9 people
TIME — 9 months

Our graduation project currently in pre-production. You play as an astronaut in first person and explore an austere exoplanet covered in a mysterious fog.

FRAG (Unity C#)


ROLE — Gameplay designer & programmer
TEAM — 12 people
TIME — 3 months of internship

A mobile multiplayer hero FPS I worked on during my 2018 internship, at the beginning of soft launch.

Dynamic top-down camera (UE4 C++)

Prototype — 2019

ROLE — Gameplay programmer, game designer
TIME — 2 work days

A prototype on UE4 to practice my C++ skills, focusing on the player controller and camera behaviour, as well as data transmission.

Burn Peasants! (Unity C#)

Prototype — 2019

ROLE — Gameplay programmer (3C, enemies)
TEAM — 5 people
TIME — 5 months

An arcade shooter in which you play as a dragon and defend your eggs against human armies, until you grow old and incarnate your kin. This was our 4th year's project for the first semester.

MUE (Unity C#)

Student project — 2018

ROLE — Lead game designer, technical designer
TEAM — 6 people
TIME — 8 months

A 5-min pre-production demo for a adventure game, about a crab looking for its lost parent in a world without up or down. This was our 3rd year school project.


CARE (Unity C#)

Prototype — 2018

ROLE — Gameplay programmer, game designer
TEAM — 3 people
TIME — 4 months

A prototype for a local coop action game for two players, about taking care of each other in an asymmetric way. Our goal was to move the players solely through gameplay.


Game Jam — 2018

ROLE — Game designer & programmer
TEAM — 3 people
TIME — 24h

A Warioware-like Ludum Dare game made in 24 hours, only playable inside your screensaver!

then the table laughed (Unity C#)

Game Jam — 2017

ROLE — Game designer & programmer
TEAM — 2 people
TIME — 48h

A local multiplayer game for 2 to 12 players about a dude trying to survive in a room full of mimics!

The game ranked 15th overall at the Ludum Dare #40 - 10th in fun, 6th in innovation.